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Friday, 20 May 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Scrapper by Chloe Ellison

Angela Clark 
Cage Edwards, an undefeated MMA beast, picks me from the pack of journalists, offering an exclusive interview. 

In his penthouse suite. Just the two of us. 

I'm stunned. And nervous. I've covered hundreds of small time, local fights. This is the chance of a lifetime. 

The world famous fighter is drop dead gorgeous. Six foot three, ripped, and covered in tattoos. He's got swagger, dimples, and a sexy smile that makes me think it's all for me. 

He's shaving when I step inside his suite, wearing only a towel. I introduce myself, and he purposely lets it fall to the floor. He steps into the shower, leaving the door ajar. I try to look away, to focus on the interview instead of the way soap suds flow over his flexing muscles. 

I ask questions while he showers. He flirts. Invites me to join him. 

“Not happening.” I say, forehead burning. My skin tingles hot all over, and I can't blame the steam. I indulge in a brief professional glance. 

I manage to get a few quotes despite the distractions. After a few more innuendos, and a final offer to stick around for a casual roll, I thank him for his time, and he promptly kicks me out. 

Given his growly dismissal, I assume it's the last I'll see of Cage Edwards. 

Cage Edwards 
When you want something, go get it. In the ring, or in life. 

The moment I see her, I know she's mine. Has to be. Those hips, that ass. Everything about her makes my lust burn like whiskey and fire. 

She’s gorgeous, and I want her. I'm trying to leave the press conference, but not without her. So I point her out, "yeah you" style. Want to do an interview? 

Of course she does. I'm Cage Edwards. 

The last time I wanted something this bad was the world title. The belt around my waist. Now all I can think about is being on top of her, with her legs wrapped around me, whimpering my name. The things I will do to her. 

But she isn't making it easy. Even after I flash the famous smile, and show her the only thing bigger than my winning personality. 

Every word out of her mouth tells me she isn't like all the rest. Feisty, smart, real. The chase is on. 

I won't stop. Nothing will keep me from her. 

This is true love, and I'll fight for it. 

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