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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Seduced by Emme Cross

From best-selling author Emme Cross comes an epic 8-book boxset which includes every book in the sexy series. In this edition you get 8 full-length books filled with hot romance, breathtaking drama, and steamy love scenes. 

Great for fans of Audrey Carlan, Lauren Blakely, Sandi Lynn, and Emma Chase 
Sexy Swede Sven Larson can sleep with any woman he wants. He has the money, looks, and power, as one of the world’s top stars. And he doesn’t care if he breaks a few hearts along the way. There will always be another willing young starlet for him to seduce. Sven knows his wild lifestyle is destroying him, but what can take its place? 

Shooting a film on the idyllic and exclusive tropical island of St. Barts, Sven meets the enticingly innocent Sunny O’Hara. She’s returned to her childhood home and is beginning to find her feet again after losing her beloved father. But is she too sweet and innocent for her own good? She was raised in a sheltered environment but is eager to learn everything that's possible, physically and mentally, in a passionate relationship. 

Sven first encounters Sunny in a restaurant where she is helping out. And for once she’s a pretty girl who doesn’t want to sleep with him just because he’s hot and famous. She doesn’t even know who he is. But Sunny’s not immune to his sex appeal, she’s never met anyone who makes her body feel so electric. Their first kiss is momentous and leads to more . . . a journey of emotional and physical discovery marked by incredible challenges. Can she save him from his demons, or will he end up breaking her innocent, loving heart? 

This series takes you on a dramatic, sexy, emotional journey through jealous lovers, murderous stalkers, natural disasters, tragedy and joy. You'll get to know these characters intimately as they develop over the eight books. Will Sunny ever tame bad boy Sven, or will the world of fame and money she’s thrust into tear them apart? 

Discover this best-selling series now! You get all eight books in this edition, so grab them now and start the epic romance read of your life. 

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