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Friday, 6 May 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Swirling Hearts by Zora Seville

A BWWM Novella!

Matt leaned in and positioned himself behind my nude sprawled out figure, planting slow, deep, and sensual kisses up and down the length of my smooth physique, murmuring sensuously, “I could just live in the taste and color of your body. God, you turn me on Selia...” 

Those were the words Matt Petrelli whispered to Selia Jones one blissful summer night after making sweet, slow invigorating love. He can’t get enough of her and she can’t get enough of him. 

Two musical artists who meet at a local summer jazz fest, their chemistry is undeniably sexy and captivating. In Part I, read all the spiciness of their first encounter while Part II brings an erotically intensive and descriptive foreplay session of epic proportions on a late night metro ride in the enchanting city of Madrid. This story is a must-read that takes foreplay to a whole new level! Get it today and be mesmerized by Matt and Selia’s passionate love that just swirls on and on… 

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