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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Book Spotlight: A Different Kind of Billionaire by Chartlon Y. Lee

Roni and Charlotte are two hot babes looking for a good time. With a taste for the expensive, these two will only settle for millionaires. When they meet Mason, Rigby, and Tessa, who became billionaires overnight, they’re willing to give it a chance. These rich dudes unexpectedly come with a bonus they’re hung like porn stars! Can these bimbo babes really handle these super hung nerds?


 “I couldn’t decide between a Mercedes sedan or a Porsche,” said Mason. “So I’ve ordered limited editions of both.” 
“Both?” said Roni, as a tingling started between her legs. She found the moment extremely romantic. “If a girl wanted a Mercedes sports car convertible –“
“Pocket change,” said Mason. “One day’s interest.”
The tingling between Roni’s legs grew even more affectionate.
“Or a beachfront condo?” Charlotte asked Rigby.
“I’d spoil my girlfriend,” said Rigby. “If I had one.”
“Honey, you got one now!” Charlotte crossed her arms, grabbed her short hem in both hands, and flipped the little back dress up over her head. She let it fall to the floor, revealing that she wore only a violet lace thong and her black stilettos.
“How many beach condos would you like?” Rigby looked her up and down. “How many sports cars? Want a pizza?”
Charlotte giggled and ran both hands through her curly blonde hair. Then she hooked one finger on her thong and slipped it down, revealing a neatly trimmed brown carpet that in no way matched the drapes. 

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