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Monday, 2 May 2016

Book Spotlight: Going All the Way by Megan Ryder

He’s looking for redemption. 
After destroying his reputation, Jason Friar is desperate to make a comeback in Major League Baseball. The only team who will have him is the perennial cellar dwellers, the Georgia Knights, who are looking for a leader for their struggling team. With the contract comes a leash, held by a sexy image consultant with whom he had a hot fling... 

She’s looking for respect. 
After being blamed for the collapse of a political candidate’s campaign, Stacia Kendall needs a new opportunity to prove herself to her father, a prominent and powerful Senator. Her one chance is to redeem the image of Jason Friar and not succumb to the heat simmering between them, a heat she knows so well... 

Can Stacia help Jason find the redemption he needs, while protecting her heart?