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Monday, 30 May 2016

Book Spotlight: Suns of Humanity by S.E. Blair

"Blair balances planet-saving with enough sexual hijinks and romantic complications to entertain adventurous romance fans." - Publisher's Weekly

In November of 2012, the world ended as we know it. For the unlucky survivors of the end of days war, it marked the beginning of Hell on Earth. With the blessing of some of Earth’s wealthiest, it was occupied and enslaved by aliens. 

Eleanor reluctantly worked for the aliens, until her master was about to sell an unborn child. In order to save the baby though, she must free the world. Rumor had filtered in of an intergalactic Chancellery that had outlawed slavery a century ago. If she could just get through to them, there might be a chance for mankind. And a chance for her future God-child. 

Thus, Eleanor ventures off on a quixotic suicide quest that sends her into the uncharted depths of space, to wash up … On Stranger Shores. 

Grab your autographed print copy here.
Check out Publisher's Weekly review.

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