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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Book Spotlight: A Vienesse Prostitute by Josefine Mutzenbacher

Josefine Mutzenbacher was born in Hernals, a suburb of Vienna, on February 20, 1852. She returned to her native city after a few years where she led a striking and much noticed existence as a prostitute of the most elegant variety until 1894. While suffering from illness, she wrote the story of her youth. She gave the manuscript to her doctor a few weeks before she underwent major surgery. This surgery resulted in her death. Her memoirs appear here as a rare document of emotional sincerity as a valuable and strange confession that deserves to be recognized for the cultural history it presents. This is an English translation of the seminal German work.


I became angry and kicked his feet and demanded he release me. "Well, well, so only the catechist is allowed to touch you?"
I was speechless with amazement. Nevertheless, I grabbed him and shouted at him.
"Fine, fine," he said. "Only a spiritual master can fuck you."
He knew all about it...
"If you do not stop," I said sternly. "I will show you to the police."
He was still yellow and silent. He put on his hat and whispered to me, "You threaten me with the police?" I laughed scornfully and he left.
Weeks passed. He did not look at me, I did not look at him. I had been with the curate only twice in the meantime.
The first time I saw him, he laughed and bid me to strip naked and receive him on the bed. The curate licked me like he had done before, to "clean" my sins. When I was dismissed, we were both left panting.
"I will diligently do penance," I promised.
"How will you do a penance for this?" he cried.
I knelt down, took out his cock, and began to lick it so that he began to bubble like a steam boiler.
I pushed his cock down my throat.
He reached down and called me, "Come."
As I turned around, he made to put his cock in my butt. I helped push his cock deep inside. There was no holding back, but he ejaculated prematurely.
I did not let it rest, I flickered it to life again soon and repeated the penance for a second time, at last we reconciled. Though, I knew I could get forgiveness for recidivism.
Sometime later, I saw Rudolf again while Father was at work. He again tried to grab me. I pushed him away.
"Oh, you'll call the police?" he said. "How about I go to them and tell them of the real nature of your relationship with the catechist? Perjury is a crime they do not trifle with."
I was shattered.
"Well," he laughed. He took me under my chin, so I had to raise my eyes to him. "So it is true?"
I looked down and said nothing.
"So," he said firmly to me. "Because you have been so naughty and bold to me, I think I'll go down to the police station and tell them of this whole sordid affair."
This I was not prepared for. A terrible fear gripped me.
He reveled in it, tormented me even more. "Both of you will be locked up, you and your father."
"No," I gasped.
"No?" He repeated. "No? Well, I'll go see them just the same, I can swear to what I know..."
He went to the door, "Right, I'll go..."
I threw myself between him and the door.
"Please..." I stammered.
"There's nothing more to ask..." He went to grab the door handle.
I held my arms spread in front of the door, "Please..."
"Please... what?" He repeated scornfully.
I whispered, "Please forgive me, Mr. Rudolf... that I was bold to you..."
"Ah..." he exulted. "Now all of a sudden...?"
I was urgent, "Please do not go to the police, Mr. Rudolf... please..."
"Ah yes," he threatened. "I'm going forward to the police, there's not..."
I burst into tears, "Please do not go, Mr. Rudolf... I cannot help it..."
"What do you mean you cannot help it?"
"I like having sex!"
"So?" he said, and leaned in close. "And for that, you pushed me away like someone you wanted to attack." He lightly touched my breast.
"I'll do whatever you want me to do..."
"Then you'll now let me play with your breasts?"
"...Yes, Rudolf..."
He tore off my shirt and took my breasts in his hand and played with my nipples with his index fingers.
"I can now do... what?" He scoffed.
"Yes... yes," I said, and let it happen.
He started rubbing his codpiece against my cunt, "And that one," he said warily. "What if I should want that?"
"Yes, Mr. Rudolf," it was involuntary.
"So," he grinned. "You will let me fuck you now?"
To me, it was my only salvation, "Yes, Mr. Rudolf."
"And if I do not like fucking you," he cried, laughing. "I may go to the police."
I cried loudly. Then he continued, "Unless you ask me nicely."
"I beg you, Mr. Rudolf."
"Wait," he played faster with my chest.
"Please..." I repeated.
"Tell me," he shouted and pushed against me.
"Please, Mr. Rudolf, fuck me," I said obediently.
"Well, come on," he let go of me and went to bed.
I followed him as though I had no will of my own.
"Lie down," he ordered.
I did.
"Take your clothes off!"
I obeyed.
He looked at me like I was lying.
Then he commanded again, "Take my pants off!"
I did this. His cock jumped out. It was a thin white noodle, which was crooked in the air.
He climbed into bed, right next to me, and said, "Do I have to put it in you myself?"
I grabbed his cock and guided it into me. Finally freed from the fear of the police, I breathed easier. Rudolf's cock was stuck to the hilt in my vagina. He said, "Now you've got to say, 'Please Mr. Rudolf, continue.'"
"Please, Mr. Rudolf, continue..." I said gladly.
My chest was bare. He pushed his warm cock back and forth. I hated him, but I could not help myself, I was horny. He fucked with every thrust, and then drilled it back in all the way.
After the tenth or twelfth thrust, I felt my butt jump and no longer understood why I had resisted him like this.
"Ah... ah..." he cried. "Now I can fuck you more often, eh?"
"Harder... faster..." I said. "Oh yes, fuck me more."
"That's right," he said. "I thought we would get along."
"Oh," I whispered. "It seems you should be soon to squirting, Mr. Rudolf..."
"Slow down," he replied. "I have time..."
He stayed at the same pace.
For a long half hour, he worked on me. I was swimming in bliss. Finally, he gasped, "I'm spraying, now, now!"
And with that, he gave me such a load that I started to gurgle audibly, his fluid ran from my body.
After we finished, he began to play with my breasts some more.
"Will you continue to let me fuck you?" He asked.
"Yes, I will always let you fuck me," I promised.
"Well then," he stood up. "From today, you are my lover... now I have two."
I was curious, "Two?"
"Who is the other one?"
"You'll see her soon..."
"Then he went away..."
Every day in the morning, after father left, Rudolf would come in and ask if I wanted to fuck.
He also wanted to know if I still associated with other men. But I wisely kept this a secret. Sometimes he played with my breasts, other times he'd finger me, sometimes he'd say, "Sorry, not today, I just fucked my other lover yesterday..."
I was not pleased when he was not there with me, but I no longer hated him, he was exceptionally clever, so I felt a great respect for him.
I went to the curate about once every two weeks. There was now no more talk of repentance or confession or of the cleaning. One day he would strip me, lick me, and fuck me, and then the next he would only speak loud obscenities. Since then, I associated him the same as every other man I met.
Rudolf continued to treat me well.
Whenever father left, I would ask Rudolf if he would fuck me. He would reply that he wouldn't, or that he fucked his mistress. This time he refused, having recently fucked his mistress.
"No," he refused. "I fucked my other mistress twice, so I cannot."
"So, that's why..." I replied.
"But I know you want to," He took my breasts.
"I should like that," I replied.
"I'll try..."
"Shall I take your cock in my mouth?" I offered.
"Wait," Rudolf said. "I will give it to you."
I had to turn around, so that my head was down to assail his noodle. I could feel him burying his lips and tongue into my vagina.
This duplication was still new to me, but it seemed especially enjoyable. While I struggled to resurrect his limp rod without success, he kept at it, his tongue felt great inside me. In a way, it felt almost like a gag in my mouth, it prevented me from crying or sighing, what else would I have done with such pleasure?
Soon, Rudolf's noodle came alive again and I turned around and went on top of him. Our bodies belonged together.
He made love to me in long strokes. When he came, he lifted me into the air so high that I nearly fell out of bed.
A few days later was a holiday. On this holiday now, we had a pleasant evening. Father was smoking his pipe. Rudolf suddenly came home, it was half past nine, so an unusual hour.
He stepped into the room friendly, and put two bottles of wine on the table.
"Hello to you, good neighbor..." he cried. "Why don't we drink wine together?"
My father, who liked to drink, smiled and said, "All right..."
Rudolf laughed, "Of course neighbor. You are a funny, handsome guy. From today on, we'll have a good evening together."
"Carry on!" cried father, and I thought Rudolf would propose that they both fuck me.
But I'm sure none of us expected Rudolf to do what he did next, "Oh, neighbor, my beloved is going to attend this celebration..." he said.
"What? A sweetheart?" My father replied in astonishment.
"Yes, she is in the corridor outside," Rudolf said.
"Please, invite her in!" My father replied.
Rudolf went out and came back a moment later with his mistress. She was a young woman, lean, with an up-turned nose, cheeky eyes, and a wide mouth. She had nice breasts. They were surprisingly large for her thin frame and stood far apart, tight and firm. They trembled with each step she took.
Rudolf was cheerful as he introduced her as Zenzi, the mistress he had mentioned to me earlier. She laughed at every word he said in the ensuing conversation.
My father laughed more and more, he drank a lot. Soon we were all a bit tipsy.
Soon the wine ran out and Rudolf embraced Zenzi and took her breast in his hand.
"This, neighbor, is a pair of breasts, firm, hard as a rock..." he said.
Zenzi laughed out loud, and father squinted at her breasts as Rudolf held them aloft in his hands.
"Go ahead," Rudolf encouraged. "Touch them."
My father did not move. Rudolf let go of Zenzi and came to me. "Yes, Josefine," he said. "She also has beautiful and hard breasts, very nice. Every bit as beautiful as Zenzi's" He unabashedly took my breasts and placed them in his hand. "But they are smaller than Zenzi's, and not so pointy..."
Zenzi laughed out loud.
"Zenzi," Rudolf said. "Show them how pointy your nipples are."
Obediently, she unbuttoned her bodice, undid the clasp of her shirt, and slid it down. A breast jumped out. She laughed and went to my father.
It was really strange how sharp and tight her chest was. Her nipples looked brand new. Her breasts looked like a freshly landscaped mountain of snow. I looked at her admiringly, ignoring the fact that Rudolf had gone into my shirt and held his breast in my hand.
"Well, what do you say," Rudolf asked my father.
"Nice... very nice," my father could not resist. He held out his hand and let Zenzi place her breast in it. She just laughed.
Father now had Zenzi's whole breast in his hand.
"Zenzi," Rudolf said. "Play with his noodle a bit."
Obediently, she unbuttoned my father's pants, and saw how she cleverly took his cock out and stroked it, she even rubbed his balls. She looked at my father all the time in his face and laughed.
"If you want to fuck her, please do so, with pleasure, neighbor," Rudolf said.
My father could not answer.
"Zenzi," ordered Rudolf. "You are going to let him fuck you, understand?"
Zenzi understood.
She knelt down immediately and in an instant, took my father's cock out of his pants and soon it disappeared into her mouth.
Rudolf stood up, "Now then, neighbor," he said. "I'll take Josefine with me..."
My father just nodded his head.
"I'll let you have Zenzi here, and Josefine and I will find another room here..."
"That's fine," father gasped. He then stood up and threw Zenzi on the bed. She laughed out loud. He threw himself over her and with her slick skill, quickly brought him to the right path.
We heard them go at it and suddenly Rudolf and I became excited for each other.
Rudolf threw me down on the other bed and soon I began to receive his thrusts.
It was a nice quartet.
Soon we heard father snort, "Bring on the tits! Your ass is so fine, so good!"
Rudolf gasped, "Holy shit, that's good. Slowly, slowly..."
I squeaked, "Don't stop, Rudolf, keep going..."
We heard Zenzi say to my father, "Oh my, fuck me, fuck me, yes, bite my tits, they are yours! Fuck me!"
The apartment soon became loud with the sound of barking, moaning, gasping, panting, and wheezing, mingling with the creaking and groaning, and crashing of two beds.
After we all finished, Rudolf called to Zenzi.
She squirmed out from under my father and came to Rudolf.
And that was how I met Zenzi.

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