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Monday, 2 May 2016

Featured FREE Book: The Alpha's Protection by Lily Lavender


Lydia Martin's life was pretty simple: go to college, start her career, avoid real relationships. She even gets to attend her best friend's wedding as the maid of honor. Life is good. 

Little does she know that her tangle with the Bennett family isn't over yet. When hot as hell wolf shifter Darren Bennett shows up in her apartment, completely uninvited, she finds herself saddled with a surly bodyguard who is intent on impeding her life at every turn. 

He's grumpy, he's rough around the edges, and he's undeniably sexy — exactly Lydia's type. He's also hiding a secret double life that might help protect her — or it might kill her. As other shifters come for them, it's a race against time and the shadows to find the organization that's put a target on her back, before it's too late. 

Lydia has to be doubly on guard, both for her heart and her life. Darren's unmated, and she might just be the one he wants... 

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