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Friday, 20 May 2016

Featured FREE Book: Fighting Chance: A Star-Crossed Lovers Novel by Paulette Oakes


Katsuko Mahoney is fighter. All her life, she’d had to fight for what she wanted. She had to fight her traditional Japanese mother in order to continue her martial arts training, she had to fight her domineering American father for respect, she had to fight the misogyny of her male competitors in class, she had to fight her opponents in the ring to win her matches, and she had to fight for her job and equal compensation for the dangerous stunts she was expected to perform in her career as a stunt woman. It seemed she always had to prove her worth, and if a man couldn't best her, why should she give him her love? 

Mahoney's world is turned upside down when a tall, arrogant stranger and his two companions appear intent on capturing her best friend, actress Jessica MacGregor. Mahoney won't let her go without a fight, but she wasn't planning on them taking her, too. When she awakens to discover that not only is she a captive, but that she is hurtling through space at the mercy of alien warriors, she knows that she will never stop fighting to return her and her friend back home. But when the sexy, muscled commander turns all her assumptions on their heads, she finds herself struggling with unfamiliar emotions. 

When an unexpected threat endangers the lives of those on board, Mahoney does the only thing she knows she's good at: she fights. For their lives, for their safety, and for the love of a man that she never knew she needed. Will Mahoney fight to go back home or will she concede defeat at the hand's of the man she has grown to love? 

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