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Monday, 9 May 2016

Featured FREE Book: Remembering Me by Charise James


Remembering Me is the third book in Charise James's Not Unhappy Ending series. After Chase Austin runs out on her wedding day in search of the years of memory she lost due to a car accident. Chase finds herself in the middle of a private sex club on a stormy night with two of the hottest men she’d only be able to imagine in her dreams. In fact, that’s exactly where she’s seen them before in a year’s worth of dreams. They promise her they can help put the pieces of her past back together. She gives them a week to prove she was as in love with them as they promised. What she doesn't expect is loving them more than she could have ever dreamed. 

When Chase woke up from her accident she believed this was a second chance for her to be a better person but she was simply unaware of how terrible she had actually been. While discovering how much she loves her two boyfriends, she also realizes the criminal empire she dreamed of as a child has come to life and may be the reason she almost died. She believes her choice is between a life of crime and love, until her best friend Leigh shows her it’s not about choices but about balance. 

Once she finds out how much money she has made over the years and the kind of friends she's developed, she decides she can save her Empire. She needs to figure out who tried to kill her and why so she can save her business and what she is sure is about to be her new family.

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