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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Featured FREE Book:Shadows of Day: Book 2 of Dark Shadows by M E Whiter

A deadly blackmail threat sees Rachel and Sebastian reunited in Book Two.

The drama continues on from book one Shadows of Knight, where secrets and murder are revealed, and the suspense escalates when Rachel's adventure in Vancouver BC, turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Rachel returns to Sebastian's penthouse where he promises it's the only place he can keep her safe. But, no place can keep her safe from the blackmailer's cunning determination to seek revenge. Rachel is lured into a devious trap, which ends with her being kidnapped and tortured. Suddenly, the threat on her life is painfully real.

Sebastian pays for her safe return but the blackmailer refuses to hand her over, leaving him with no choice but to call in the police for help. Once Rachel is rescued and the blackmailer is finally captured, she begins to think her life can finally return to normal.

But, life is never that simple, right?

Rachel's dreams of a new future are shattered when she stumbles on some incriminating evidence in Sebastian's office. Not only does it uncover a family secret from the past but it suggests he isn't the man he professes to be . . .

Is Sebastian her saviour or her deadly enemy?


THURSDAY, 28th Aug

 A SUDDEN CHILL blows over me, as I stand on the balcony outside Mary's small guest room. The day has only started, and yet, I already feel exhausted from another sleepless night of crying in the darkness. My eyes feel puffy and sore, as I gaze down at the garden, bathed in the warm glow of morning sunlight, giving new life to everything it touches. Even the dying leaves look vibrant and more alive than me; dappled with bright shades of autumn colours. That's more than I care to say, about my own sorry state of affairs.

I pull the lapels on my dressing gown a little tighter around my neck to ward off the cold. Not that it will make much difference to the cold empty feeling where my heart usually resides. It's now been forty-one hours and a few minutes since I broke up with Sebastian, but to me, it feels like it was just yesterday. I haven't can't stop replaying the argument we'd had over and over in my mind. 

I haven't been able to shake off the misery haunting me every time I think about him. I keep running through the argument we had over and over in my mind, until I think I'm going to go crazy. I really thought he'd be willing to accept my decision to stay with Mary while he was up in Alaska. If I knew it was going to end the way it did, perhaps I would have done things differently. 

A loud knock at my door, interrupts my thoughts. "Come on Rachel, you'd better be ready or I'll drag you out, in whatever you're wearing," Mary calls out loudly, through the closed door. 

"Yes Mary. Just give me another minute. I'll meet you downstairs." I shout back through the open doorway. I hold my breath, listening intensely for the sound of her movements. When I hear her footsteps echoing down the stairs, I let out a heavy sigh and head inside, closing the french doors behind me. 

Mary and I have always been close over the years. So, it wasn't a surprise, when she could tell something was off, from the moment she picked me up from the bus terminal, the other night. After a few glasses of wine and some pizza, I finally broke down and told her everything that had happened. 

I started the story with my accident and ended where Sebastian and I had a huge argument, which led to us breaking up, just before he left for his business trip to Alaska. I left out the parts where Sebastian and I had become romantically involved and how badly it broke my heart. Mary has truly been my rock these last few days. I didn't want to burden her with how stupid I'd been, to let myself fall for the next guy who came along, right after my divorce. Without all her support and patience, I'd be in a much worse predicament than I'm in at the present.

I walk into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my hair. When I stand in front of the bathroom mirror, I catch sight of how terrible I really look, dark circles and red blotchy cheeks. I decide I need to put some makeup on, I can't go out in public like this. As much as I'd like to blame Sebastian for my sad state of affairs, I have to face the hard truth that it's really my own stupid fault. I should never have agreed to go to Kelowna with him, for the weekend. 

I knew if I spent time alone with him in such a beautiful location, I'd end up do something stupid, like falling for him. But God, he only had to look at me with those dreamy blue eyes and I was putty in his hands. Quite literally actually, when he gave me a massage. I'll never forget how incredible it felt, having his hands all over my semi-naked body. 

It takes me nearly ten minutes to camouflage all the self-inflicted damage done to my face. Once I'm done, I quickly brush my hair out and put it up in a messy ponytail, on top of my head. Grabbing my handbag and my walking can from the bedroom, I make my way downstairs. I find Mary in the kitchen, putting our breakfast dishes away in the cupboard. She turns when she hears me limping across the wooden floor. 

"There you are, finally. I was beginning to think you'd never come down. Are you ready to go?"

"Not really, but I guess you aren't giving me the choice."

"That's right I'm not. You've been cooped up indoors since you got here, doing nothing buy wallowing in your misery and looking like death warmed up. It's time you reentered the land of the living and got some fresh air."

"Alright. But, where did you say we were going again?"

 "First, I'm taking you on the grand tour around the city, and then we'll park the car, and take a walk along the inner harbour. We can have a look at the stores and then we can have some lunch. Afterwards, it's up to you, what you feel like doing. But, we'll need to stop off and get a few groceries on the way home."

"Hell, I'm worn out already, just listening to you say all that," I say, leaning against the kitchen bench.

"Too bad. We're still going. Ready?" I nod slowly resigned to my fate. Straightening up again, I follow her out to the car.  

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