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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Book Spotlight: 101 Days of Lula by William Walkerley

Sexy, fun read in a unique format: actual text messages between an Asian escort and her sugar daddy. "As luck would have it, all our text messages were archived on my cellphone. Going through them, I was able to review our relationship, which provided much insight into what went wrong and get a degree of closure." Narrative and text messages give us the MEMOIR of an older gentleman's obsession with a young, Asian escort, whom he thought he could get to fall in love with him and the predictable heartache that resulted.


Lula is an escort, which is the new word for prostitute, or sex trade worker if you prefer.  By every societal definition she is a whore.  Me, I never thought of her as a hooker.  The Lula I got to know was a lovely, intelligent, articulate Asian woman, one whom I too quickly fell in love with.  

Maybe it was her shaved pussy and amazing cock sucking that initially tugged at my heartstrings.  Before long it was her intelligence, sincerity, vulnerability, openness and generosity that sealed the deal.  But when all was said and done, the investment of my feelings got me a broken heart.  Boo hoo, most would say.  You should have seen it coming.  So, you deserved a broken heart.  Yeah, she dumped my sorry, old ass, and all because I wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Truth be told, I have been fired from several jobs for the same reason.  

When Lula broke up with me, she assured me that under no circumstances would I ever again have the pleasure of her young, sweet, tight pussy.  My money was no longer any good.  But how was I to live without that petite, shaved peach of her?   I couldn’t imagine.  And it absolutely killed me that other guys would be fingering her, licking her ass, and pounding her cunt with their greasy cocks.  Ugh!  It was a mental nightmare.  And I know that those other dudes don’t love her.  They just want to fuck, tie her up, stick sex toys in her ass, and smack her around.  Me, I liked to hang with her.  I appreciate her as a person.  I want to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her again.  I want to watch more spooky old black and white TV shows and French movies with her.  She loves both.  Lula is super fun to be with.  
For a week of so after she dumped me all I wanted to do was die.  Dead seemed the only medicine that would free me from the pain I was feeling.  When death didn’t come to me, I made a call to my therapist and begged for new and better medication.  He thought that was a good idea, and so here I am able to recount for you the tale of a foolish old man. 
 The first few days after Lula broke off our relationship was the worst.  At first I didn’t believe what had happened.  I couldn’t accept it.  I thought her change of heart toward me was something that could be fixed.  I just needed to find the right words.  And when my words didn’t work, I couldn’t believe it.  My brain felt like it was going to explode.  Maybe if I fucked a few other Asian women I could get her out of my mind. Fuck my troubles away.  Tralala.  That’s the way guys think.  And so I put my cock in charge of my healing regimen, and that ultimately lead to my salvation.  All hail the cock!   
 The first piece of ass I found to replace Lula was Rose, a sweet young Chinese student.  A little overweight, lovely long black hair, she insisted on us taking a shower together before fucking.  Rose’s thing is to suck your cock in the shower to get you in the mood.  Next Lula replacement was Jessie, a Barbie Doll look-a-like I found on Backpage.  She turned out to be a ton of fun.  My pussy replacement plan was working.  Lula never sucked my balls, let me cum in her mouth, or role play.  So Jessie was really something new and different for me.  Sadly, she doesn’t live in the city anymore, but we still keep in touch.  But Jessie is white, and I was craving Asian.  So one Saturday night, horny like so many guys are on the weekend, I ordered up Amy, a thirty-something, petite Asian woman.  She showed up wearing dirty jeans and a sweater.  It was from this sweet lass that I got an STD in my mouth!  My fault.  Who in their right mind goes down on a $120 whore?  Me, that’s who.  It comes from my yearning to please every woman I’m with, even if I’m paying for sex.  Stupid, right?  So as I sit at my dinning table to write my Lula memoir, I’m sick as a dog, with a fungus growing in my throat and on my tongue because I licked an Asian gal’s dirty, wet twat.  Ugh!  Thinking back, her crack did taste a little tangy when I put my tongue in it -- like lemon juice and Roquefort cheese.  But, hey, I was doing my thing.  Aiming to please, ‘cause that’s who I am, no matter how her cunt tasted.  I pretended that Amy was Lula.  I even made green tea for her before fucking her every which way.  But it just wasn’t the same as doing it with my lovely Lula, especially because I had to wear a condom.  But good thing I was wearing a condom because I’m worried that the fungus I got from her pussy is going to travel from my mouth to my brain and kill me.  But then Lula make like that, the way she feels about me these days.
For all the 101 days we were together, I honestly thought Lula might fall in love with me.  I wanted it, and worked very hard to make it happen.  Too hard.  But on day 102 she brought this silly old man’s fantasy crashing to the ground.  Turns out I did not truly understand her at all.  I tried to make her something she could never be – my for real girlfriend.  She was good at supplying “the girlfriend experience”, but wasn’t up for the real thing.  And now claims she never had romantic feelings for me at all.  Ouch!  That revelation hurt a lot.  I was sure she was lying.  But she wasn’t, and now she is gone from my life.  It still seems unreal.  I want my Lula back!  
As luck would have it, all our text messages are archived on my cellphone.  Printing them off then going through them I was able to review our relationship and get some insight into what went wrong, and in the process get a modicum of closure.  
 So how did this whole Lula thing start.  How did I meet this beautiful, young, Asian woman whom I mistakenly thought I could have a loving friendship with?  CNN, that’s how.  Anderson Cooper’s 360 show did a piece on
Anderson:  … a corner of the internet that’s accused of being a market place for pimps to pedal prostitutes and exploit young women.  That’s the allegation leveled against’s adult service’s classified ads.   People want it shut down because of running adds like these:  “Stress relief by beautiful Asian girls.”  Or this:  “Seductive, ready to rock your world!  Call me,” the ad says, “to enjoy all you can handle.”
     Being no stranger to prostitutes, my attention was immediately drawn to the story.  What really got my attention was the fact that the ads showed photographs of the women.  After my divorce when I first tried the escort thing, all I got was a telephone number that I’d found in an alternative newspaper.  No photographs, no email address to communicate with the escort.  Back then, you gave your address to a thug on the other end of the phone line, then sat back and waited to see who showed up at your door.  Some times it was good, some times bad.  You had no idea if the escort would be old, young, pretty, thin, tall, fat or bat-shit crazy.  You could specify race and body type, but there was no guarantee you’d get what you ordered.  And if you rejected whom they sent, be prepared for threats to be made.  But now Backpage has changed all that.  You get to see the goods before ordering.  I was intrigued.  First thing I had to find out was is Backpage in my town?  Turned out it was.  I immediately logged onto the escort section and got to see all the whores in my neighborhood and their lovely pictures.  

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