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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Curvy Seduction: Circus by Aidy Award

Curvy Girls just want to have fun!

Angelina has agreed to let Gray train her in the ways of submission and Domination. And he's driving her crazy. She thought there'd be lots of sexy times, specifically with him. Not so much. If Gray isn't going to give her what she wants, she's going to find it herself. At the Asylum.
Grayson's head is going to explode. Angelina knows how to push his buttons, but she's gone too far this time. The Asylum is no place for a someone as sweet and tempting as his Angel, especially when Foster Bennett is in control.
A harem, a lover who can't give up control, and a curvy girl going after her dreams is a three ring circus. Both Angelina and Gray are going to have a hard time protecting their lives and their hearts from getting trampled in the third installment of the Curvy Seduction serial.
Curvy Seduction: Circus is the third in a six-part serial telling the story of Angelina, also known as the present day owner of Angels and Devils, the BDSM club from the Curvy Love series.
Each part has a full story, but will leave you wanting oh, so much more from this tempting couple.
You'll have lots of fun getting more and more of Gray and Angel's story in each part of this curvy seduction. Don't forget to get part one Curvy Seduction: Rebound!

The fire swirl of emotion faded and the dead-eyed Gray who was my protector, but not my lover blinked back, unflinching. “That’s not how this works, babe.”
He wiped his hands on a grungy towel and tossed it with the rest of his tools, like we weren’t having the biggest catalyst conversation of our relationship.
I was so close to getting the dirty, naughty Gray, I couldn’t stop now. A lick of my lips and in a breathy Bambi voice, I said, “Then show me how it works.”
His jaw pulsed but he didn’t flinch for a second. “You’re not ready.”
Oh the hell I wasn’t. It was time to bring out Rich Bitch Angelina. The one who took charge and got what she wanted. “I hate it when you do that. I left my fiancé, I damn well took charge of my own life, not to mention my sexuality, and am working on opening my own business. What more do you want from me? How the hell else am I supposed to prove to you that I am ready, for whatever you’ve got? Dammit, Gray, I thought we were past that.”
We were toe to toe, I was breathing hard. Gray was a god-damned statue.
A car pulled up the driveway and we heard Ilario talking, teasing Cade. They went into the house like there wasn’t a showdown happening in the garage.
Gray’s eyes flicked from my mouth toward the house and back to my eyes. His façade broke. “Why don’t you go play with your boy toys. You don’t want my world, you want to pretend you’re in charge. So, go. Do that. Have all the orgasms you want. Let those boys fuck you silly.”
Now who was being a brat? “Is that what this is about? The boys? You agreed I could keep them. Are you jealous?”
I wish. There was no way it was true. They might be at my beck and call, but they were all under Gray’s control. He was the alpha.
“Don’t try that game with me.”
Oh, ho ho. I was playing. “You are. You hate that I have three other men who please me and take care of my every need, in and out of the bedroom.” I almost giggled.
I would have too, if Gray wasn’t on me like a lion attacking a hippo. His arms clenched me into an embrace that had me on fire. One hand crept up and wrapped around my throat. There was no pressure, he didn’t squeeze, but we both knew he could if he wanted to. We both also knew what happened when he had.
I closed my eyes, wanting it, waiting for him to make me submit.
~ Curvy Seduction: Circus

About the Author
Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived to write stories of happy ever after. During the day. But at night, oh at night, her world transforms into one of dark desires, deep passions and the forbidden.
She combines the two sides of her imagination by penning stories of erotic romance, true love, and dirty fun.
Read the delicious fantasies of hawt heroes and heroines you want to be or want to be with, come to life under the covers and between the pages of Aidy’s books.
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