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Monday, 27 June 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Hayden, I Hate You by Kristen Flowers

My life was going great until he came along and ruined everything by making me the most famous person in the world. 
He is Hayden Dunn—the obscenely rich and famous video game creating-internet-bad boy. 

And he’s just plastered my face onto his newest creation: Via Mace—the big breasted, scantily-clad, vulgar, video game vixen that’s instantly becoming the biggest pop culture phenomenon ever. 

And I look exactly like her! 

Now I’m tracking him down to get my life back. Too bad he’s an arrogant A$#hole that’s determined to keep his game exactly how it is. I want to hate him so bad, but when his baby-blue eyes look me up and down like I’m God’s greatest gift to Earth, I start to wonder if I even CAN hate him. 

Now, with every flutter in my chest and nervous breath I take, I just want to smack him across his gorgeous face even more. Could I really have feelings for this man? The guy who completely turned my life upside down? 

No. Impossible. I’ve got business to take care of. 

Hayden, I Hate You 

At least that’s what I keep telling myself... 

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