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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Roadrunners MC Trilogy by Selena Black


Photographer Marion Thomas just accidentally captured a murder committed by the son of San Francisco mob boss Jacob Fiori on her camera. Her only hope is to seek protection from Fiori's number one enemies in the area: the Roadrunners outlaw biker club. 

But when the Roadrunners put her under the protection of infamous enforcer “Six” Carter, the sparks between them provide a dangerous distraction. 


Military brat Carrie Nelson has had a crush on former Army mechanic turned outlaw biker “Crash” McCallister since she was twelve. Now twenty, she has caught up with Crash, whose heart is scarred from a bad marriage, and who resists her attentions and his own desires. 

But as the Roadrunners prepare for a weapons-transport run across state lines, Crash finally gives in...and the unexpected result entangles their fates forever. 


When graduate student Tori Sanders reaches the end of her rope and attempts suicide to escape her abusive boyfriend, the last thing she expects is to be saved. 

But former Army medic and Roadrunner crash crew member “Patch” Jamison isn't about to let a pretty young girl give up on life. He's ready to protect her from her psychotic, stalker ex...but is not prepared when they start falling for each other. 

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