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Monday, 6 June 2016

Book Spotlight: Alice in Wonderment by Louisa Luici

With every detail of her life controlled by her husband, Alice Pfeffer begins to wonder 
what could have been. Starved for love and sex, she finds creative ways to fill the void, 
blaming herself for her husband's low libido. Until one day, Alice's mother-in-law, 
Ethel, comes for a visit with murder on her mind. 
Running from Ethel, Alice finds a secret door in the cellar and enters Wonderland. 
There, she finds all the love and sex she could ever want. 
Follow Alice on her journey through Wonderland as she meets familiar characters who 
are more than happy to fill the void and give her the confidence to go back to her life 
and face evil. But will she want to leave?

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