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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Book Spotlight: The Carver's Magic by B. L. Brooklyn

The Carvers are a supernatural species created by a fairy that bound all the bloodlines (vampire, werewolf, fairy and witch) together. Although Carvers are stronger than their pure blood ancestors their numbers are small and getting smaller, and so, some have put away their magic to live in the human world, in hopes of a better life.

Two Carvers, one story. 

Shane Carver is a bartender for Amber Line where his nightly frustrations vary between not letting his magic escape and choking the ever-living hell out of a shifter who desperately deserves it. Mercifully, he’s able to subdue his fire magic to work and live in the human world. 

But that’s about to change when he breaks his one rule: No dating humans. 

Beth Carver joins her sister at the bar only to run into the last person she ever wanted to see again, her high school crush. This time she’s keeping her heart in check and plans to stay that way until he forces his way into her life one miserable situation after another. 

Beth and Shane are pulled back into the magical world they left behind, all those years ago; to save the one person they both care about, a person who may not be human after all. 

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