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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Book Spotlight: Fantasy: Short Stories to Excite by Tiffini Johnson

Whats your fantasy? 

This book will allow you to explore your deepest thoughts. What is your sexual fantasy? Will you act on it? 
How big is your imagination? How great is your sex life? Are you the person, guys can't take home to mamma? Are you the lady in the streets and freak in the sheets? Are you the undercover THOT? Are you the lightweight or basic bitch? What ever the case this book will at minimum give you a jump start to your imagination. Enjoy your sex life, live a little and have fun with your partner(s). Remember communication is key and talk to your mate and try something new, listen to each others needs. For all you know, you might like it. 

Now get to work!


“Damn… Fuck me… Harder”. Duchess is known to be very expressive and emotional during sex. Her first day off from Dimples Night Club in two months Duchess ex-boyfriend Ghost decided to stop by her lavish condo located in Uptown Charlotte three blocks from the Epic Center. Still equipped with a key Ghost lets himself in finding Duchess playing with herself watching one of the sex tapes they made while they were together. Slightly aroused at how thick she looked laying naked on her long dark gray sectional. Watching her juices gushing all over the living room he smoothly reaches down her thigh from behind the couch eagerly inserting both fingers in her pussy. A little pissed that he still feels he can come over unannounced she grabs his hand adding one more finger into her pussy swirling her hips faster and faster ready to cum any second.  Licking his lips, damn near drooling, Ghost pants began to get tighter and tighter, as Duchess came to her climax squirting down his hand he walks around the couch standing in front of her like she knew it was his turn to cum. Unzipping his pants and removing all nine inches of his solid penis Duchess begins swallowing and stroking him with both hands. “No hands” Ghost whispers while letting out a few grunts. Willing to please, she releases his dick and slides her mouth back and forth going deeper and deeper. Not ready to cum Ghost pulls his dick from her mouth getting down on his knees, pulling Duchess hips to the edge of the couch spreading her legs and pussy sticking his tongue in and out driving her crazy. Pushing both feet in the air he began sucking her plumped pussy peeking out from her legs and using both hands to slide around her legs grabbing her breast. Squeezing her breast harder and harder, Ghost throws her legs open grabs his dick and shoves it in her pussy. Sliding his hands to her waist he takes pride in how fast he can make her breast bounce. Gasping for air, he beats her pussy until he had nothing left. Not feeling like pulling out he bust inside of her.
Kissing her from her neck to her feet as she sits on the couch he looks up and says “I told you I could fuck you whenever I want”.  Instantly heated, she punches the shit out of him dead in his chest going HAM. Ghost sits on the couch shuffling through his Instagram and Twitter waiting for her to calm down slowly getting ready for round two.  Exhausted from cussing out Ghost, Duchess walks to her master suite entering into her bathroom turning on the duel shower head shower, furnished with a bench and waterproof stereo surrounded in white marble. Ready to shower and relax, she turns on Wale’s Ambition album to her favorite song White Linen featuring Neyo on repeat. Sitting on her bench letting the water run all over her body slowly being turned on by Wale’s verses. Ghost fully naked, standing 6’4 with tattoos covering his entire upper body from his neck down. Ghost was a mix between Jon B, Channing Tatum and Jai Courtney from Die Hard 5. Slender, light skinned, and swears up and down both of his parents are black. Ghost lets the song start over and enters the bathroom passing her all white bedroom and the naked portraits she gave him for his birthday six months ago that she claims she’s burning. Sitting dead center on her bench enjoying how the steam feels propping up both feet rubbing her clit with her left hand, sucking her fingers and tasting her juices. Playing with her hair while Ghost watches in amazement. Impressed with her sex drive, he watches for a little longer walking over to sit on the bench stroking his dick. Staring at his almost fully erected penis she slowly leans over to quickly suck his dick to perfection. Coming to attention Duchess leans up to straddle Ghost while sliding his dick inside her at the same time. Leaning back, resting against the wall gradually sliding forward Duchess catches her stride moving faster as Ghost spreads her ass pushing her down going deeper and deeper. Fucking the shit out of each other Duchess wraps her hand around his neck bouncing harder and faster, moaning like crazy and feeling dizzy.  Then with several deep breaths Duchess pussy swallows his dick and Ghost cums for a second time that night.  Kissing her intimately Ghost slides his index finger down her chest staring her dead in the eye saying “After I hit this lick, I’ll be right back”.  Duchess nodded in agreement saying “You got a Key”.

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