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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Book Spotlight: The Game of Sexes by Opal K. Dante

Can one be both innocent and provocative? Apparently so. That is exactly what the strangely charming Evie combines. She bears the dull charm of provocation, tightly bound with the blinding glare of innocence. She’s cynical, romantic, wild, tender, adores the truth, but doesn’t think twice about telling lies. There are no explanations – that is what she’s like. That’s how she’s made. Full of contradictions. Perhaps the biggest one is that this explosive creature, because of a series of strange coincidences, has never been with a man. But she’s now ready to do so. Only the man she’s madly in love with and whom she’s chosen to give her virginity to, is her stepfather, the charming shipping magnate, Sir Sebastian. Normally she should feel guilty, because he’s not hers, he’s her mother’s, but she doesn’t, given that relations between mother and daughter are decidedly strained. Evie tries everything to conquer Sebastian, but when she finally manages to win his love, she discovers that that he’s not entirely hers. Although their bodies are steaming with desire, although they’re at the end of their tether, he refuses to consummate their relationship. And it’s not because he hasn’t divorced her mother yet. Soon Evie will discover that her mother is not, and never has been, her real rival. 

Their marriage was nothing more than a social fa├žade for the eyes of the world, to maintain the status of the well-known shipping family. Sebastian’s heart is split in two, but her real rival is neither a man nor a woman. Or rather – it’s both together. The perfect man and the perfect woman in the same body. The hermaphrodite captain Sirocco. The mysterious VERTIGO, a ship that is their secret hideaway. What role will Evie play between the two lovers? Very soon life will make it clear 

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