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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Book Spotlight: Hypnollection - Five Stories Of Erotic Mind Control by Will B. Gunn

Five sizzling hot stories in one amazing bundle!

Undercover Boss 
Pam has five women working earnestly under her, and one unreliable lazy bum dragging her small office branch down. 

Seymour seems to think he can be as late as he wants, and even skip whole working days without giving a shred of a notice. 
When he does show up, he ends up accomplishing nothing, apart from distracting his diligent co-workers with all sorts of menial tasks, like bringing him pulp-less orange juice, photocopying their fun-bags, and going down on him while he sits on his desk and plays computer games. 

Why doesn't she just fire him? 
Well, Pam may officially be the boss, but she isn't the one calling the shots. When Seymour comes around, the small office transforms into every man's wet dream. His busty, beautiful colleagues submit to his will completely, and pick up the slack once he's done enjoying them. 

Blue Hole – Siren's Pearl 
Whenever Alyssa has the time and money to afford it, she travels the world in search of amazing diving locations. 
That's how she met Gia, a spunky young Latina who lives in a small, remote village. They started talking online, and found they had a lot in common, beyond their love of Scuba-diving. 

Gia happens to live in walking distance from one of the most intriguing blue holes in the world, the illustrious Maze Caverns, and she told Alyssa she'll be able to guide her through it. 

Once there, she stays at the local motel, managed by a middle aged man named Arthur. 
Before they venture forth to the caverns, Arthur gives Alyssa a special pearl, which he promises will offer her guidance, in case she got lost. 
Alyssa has no idea what kind of guidance the sly motel owner has in mind... 

Changing Teams 
Ana is an avid soccer fan, but everyone she knows is more into football and baseball. She never even had a chance to go to an actual game, until now. 
Her team, the Beavers, is about to play the Eels in a crucial stand-off, and Ana decided it was time for her to root for them, in the flesh, even if it meant buying her own ticket with the money she saved, and going to the game alone. 

The guy sitting next to Ana in the game happens to be a very loud Eels fan. He gets so rowdy as he cheers, that Ana can't focus on the game. Eager to make her first real-live soccer experience a good memory, she asks the man to quiet down a bit. 

After a short argument, the man complies, and instead of shouting cheers for his team, begins whispering under his breath. Soon enough, his silent mutterings become the only thing on Ana's mind, as his mesmerizing chant persuades her to jump ship and switch teams, in more than one way. 

Harem Life Telemarketing 
While watching her favorite soap opera, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, Kate received an unexpected call that changed her life forever. It was a telemarketing representative from the Harem Life corporation, and he had a very bold and compelling offer to make. 

Kate was skeptical, at first, but after listening to the salesman's pitch, spoken over incredibly soothing harp melodies, she simply could not deny the immense appeal of his offer. A calm and peaceful harem life was certainly something the stunning blonde could aspire to. 
The company would have to test her skills, of course, but that was all right. The nice telemarketer was happy to personally take care of that part of the deal... 

Fill Her Up 
Liz has just absconded with every car thief's holy grail. A limited edition luxury sports car, worth millions on the black market. This hit can set her up for life, and the dude she stole it from is so loaded he could use being taken down a notch. 

A few miles away from the state border, freedom, and the good life, Liz decides to try the built-in entertainment system. 
Ironically, it seems the state-of-the-art tech doesn't work all too well.

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