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Friday, 10 June 2016

Book Spotlight: Infamous by Arabella Abbing


Touchdowns, touchbacks, touchy interns … he’s got it all covered.

My boss is the publicist for the hottest quarterback in the NFL. 
As a lowly intern, I’ve never met Jared Moore -- but as a rabid football fan, believe me, I know all about him. 
And now my boss is off on her honeymoon … and I’ve been given the job of babysitting Jared. 

If I keep him out of the limelight for the next two weeks, I’ll graduate to a full-time paying job. 
If I break the no fraternization policy and sleep with him, I’ll be fired. 
Did I mention he’s the sexiest thing on two legs? 

But I’ve got my priorities straight. My career is more important than screwing around with an infamous manwhore. 
I’m not worried. 
Really. I’m not. 

I can’t help it if women find me irresistible. 
Heisman Trophy winner, star NFL quarterback, sex god … what’s not to like? 

April Scott's the latest in a long line of interns. 
They've all given it up for me, but she just gets pissy. 
No matter how much she wants me -- and I know she does -- she keeps saying no. 

She finally admits that it’s me or her job. 
Well, I’m not enough of a liar to promise more than I’m willing to give. 
But I do know how to keep a secret. 

Simple, right? 
Works like a charm. 
Until the results of our little escapade get too visible to hide ... 

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