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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Featured FREE Book: Craving the Fantasy by Cherry Folkes

Evelynn is broke and out of work when her friend sets her up for an interview with the slightly mysterious billionaire business man – Parker 

But Parker comes with a safety warning, “Just be careful with Parker. He likes to get his own way and he can be very persuasive.” With those words ringing in her ears Evelynn attends a most unusual interview. 

Evelynn has a talent for creating fantasies. She likes to imagine what it would be like to be with some of the guys she passes in the street. She imagines being held in strong muscular arms, her imagination is getting wilder and the fantasies are getting hotter. 

Parker is bored. He has money and resources but he needs something else. He needs Evelynn’s fantasies to bring some excitement into his life, but how will Evelynn feel when she is encouraged to take the fantasy out of her imagination. Will she be able to step into her fantasy life and make it come alive? 


“My favourite fantasy is to travel to a deserted island and become marooned with no way of leaving the sandy paradise.”

I went on to describe the island in detail.  It was always a small island in my fantasies.  Just a few miles long and less than a mile across.  The island already had an abandoned hut, just a single room with walls made from branches and mud and a roof made from the leaves of a palm tree.  There was a clear stream that ran down from the hillside and provided fresh water and ample supplies of fruit and nuts for me to eat.

“And what else.  I can picture the island, but what do you do there.”

I had begun to relax while describing my island paradise but now the tightness had returned.  Just how much had Sarah already told him about the direction that my fantasies always turned? 

 Did he already know that I would start the fantasy alone on the island but with the feeling that I was being watched.  Did he know that I would squirm with delight as I imagined being intently scrutinised as I stripped off my clothes at night?  Was he aware that I fantasised about being joined in my hut at night by a stranger who I could never see in the darkness.  A stranger who would take me into his strong arms as I put up minimal resistance.  An unknown stranger who would explore my body with his hands and his tongue and…”

“You are thinking about what happens on the island now;” there was an urgency in his voice, “tell me, let me share your fantasy.”

“No.  Not like this.”  I picked up my bag and began to stand, “If you want to hear my most secret thoughts you could at least let me see who you are.”  I started to walk back towards the door.


I stopped walking but didn’t turn round.

“Please come back.  You have passed the first round of the interview.  I want to hear more and I am happy for you to see me.”

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