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Friday, 17 June 2016

Featured FREE Book: Red Hot Big Top by Belinda English

atalia, Darryl and Felix are an Acrobatic Trio who work together, play together and sleep together. It’s been that way for years. The three have a firm bond with the exclusion of all others, and it works, or so they think. 

Both Darryl and Felix adore Natalia and want her to live her biggest dreams, they would do anything for the girl who lights their loins. However just as life is looking up for the sexy, athletic threesome a tragic event threatens to tear them apart. Decisions need to be made about their future. Decisions that could spiral their comfortable lives into chaos or propel their careers into the stratosphere. 

Reluctantly River is introduced into their world. River is an amazing athlete with a bad reputation and bringing him into the fold could be likened to feeding Natalia to the lions. Will the men take the risk? Will Natalia be taken alive by the dark skinned athlete with the stamina to match his athletic prowess? Or will Natalia become the hunter? 

This story is hotter than a crowded tent in July. Only read if you are ready for some serious tumbling. 

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