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Friday, 17 June 2016

Featured FREE Book:Cindy by Aurelia Grimes

In her modern day busy city, CINDY is no typical Cinderella.

She sure has an evil stepmom that basically ruined her childhood but Cindy never gave up. Filled with hopes and dreams for a better life, she was lucky enough to eventually get raised under the wing of her own “fairy godmother”, Aunt Beth. Thanks to her, Cindy finally grew up to be the beautiful princess she deserved to be. All grown up and now at the age of twenty-seven, she works as a model while studying law. 

One night, she meets Ben, a bad boy who happens to be the photographer of the catwalk Cindy is gracefully walking on. 

They get attracted immediately to each other with an undeniable force. Ben notices how well Cindy’s high heel shoes fit but he terribly wants to remove them to stare at Cindy’s perfect feet. A foot fetish discovery brings our couple to a very happy ending filled with a magical sexual experience. 

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