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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c The Hanged Man Society by Tessa Sackville


Benneit Fitz James is everything a girl is looking for: 

He’s also a member of the exclusive and illusive secret club: The Hanged Man Society. 

For centuries the secret society has been the only club that mattered at my university. An invitation to one of their dazzling events is a rare and desired thing. If you are special enough to be noticed by a Hanged Man, you’re set for life. 

A centuries old legacy built on sworn oaths sealed in blood; the society closely guards a dark and sinister secret. Loyal to each other alone, connected for nearly three hundred years. 

I’m Jane. I’m no one. 

Or at least I was until Benneit Fitz James noticed me. 

No one says no to The Hanged Man Society. Not even me. 

Now I know their secret. 

Love won’t save me. 

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