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Friday, 10 June 2016

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It’s Amateur Night at the Donkey Club and my stepbrothers are watching, their eyes caressing, their hands on their …

It wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m a good girl, a photographer, someone who’s always behind the lens, never the center of attention. 

And I like it that way, the better to take pictures of my gorgeous stepbrothers, Colt and Cain McKesson. Star players of the Eagles, they’ve got everyone mesmerized with their speed, agility, and complete dominance on the football field … and off. 

When they notice me, it’s confusing because I want to explore more, figure out what’s there, but isn’t it wrong? They're my steps and it’s the ultimate taboo. 

Our sister's amazing. My twin and I never thought we’d be living in the same house as a girl this smart and intriguing. 

Plus, she’s got a body that rocks, did I mention that? 

Karlie’s like a breath of fresh air in the cesspool of professional sports. But when crisis strikes, the football gods want her sacrificed, left out to twist in the wind … but that would mean surrendering ourselves. 


She's the President's daughter. I'm an ex-Marine with a history of brawling. We should never even have met...

But when a sniper opens fire, the need to protect her is stronger than anything I've ever felt. Suddenly, we're on the ground, my body pressed against hers. I save her life...but when she asks me to become her bodyguard, I know I should say no. I can't guard a woman I'm this attracted to. But when I see how scared she is, I can't turn her down.

Now I have to wear a suit and call her ma'am when all I want to do is slam her up against the wall and tear her clothes off. Neither of us can resist...but I can't let her get close, not with what's lurking in my past. And the danger is far from over. The White House is under threat...and I'll do whatever it takes to protect the woman I've fallen for.


See where it all began…. 
With people disappearing from Philadelphia’s night streets, the Vampire Council fears they have a rogue on their hands. Special Agent Ian McHenry isn’t all that he seems. Not only is he the FBI’s expert on serial killers, he’s also the Council’s go-to vampire hunter. Detective Grace Wallace is tired of the FBI not believing her theory they have a serial killer on the loose—until Ian shows up on the case. Nothing prepared her for the instant attraction to the darkly handsome Irishman. As they close in on the killer, Ian’s desire for Grace grows stronger. But if he can’t control his inner demon, this true nature will destroy his only chance at love.


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