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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Best Places to Submit Free Books

We've compiled a handy list of the best places to submit your free ebooks. Get that all important bump up the free ranks by submitting your book a few weeks beforehand.

Free Submission for Ebooks

1. Indie book of the Day
This site lets you post if your book is going to be free in the next 30 days
Does not accept erotica

2. One-hundred Free E-Books
Does not guarantee inclusion

3. Awesome Gang
Has a paid option
Does not accept anything to do with rape or violence

4. Ebooks Habit
No erotica is allowed
Must have 3 reviews on Amazon

5. Frugal Freebies
Books must be free or it won't be accepted
If it is erotica you must state so on the form

6. Armadillo ebooks
No restrictions that can be found

7. FreeBooks 
Your book must be free when promoted

8. Ask David
You must be enrolled in the KDP select program and you must be having a free promotion

9. Book Raid
Your book must be at least 120 pages long and be available on Amazon

10. I Love eBooks
There is no guarantee of selection as they receive a lot of submissions

11. Pretty Hot
They accept erotica

12. Content Mo
Books must be free during the time of promotion
Does not guarantee submission

13. Steamy Romance Books
If your book is promo free or permanently free
Site is dedicated to romance and erotica books

14. Free Booksy
This is only for books that are free

15. Bargain Booksy
This is the sister site to Free Booksy,for books that are between 99 cents and $5

16. Snicks List
Does not allow erotica or erotic content

17. Books Angel
UK based site for books that are free
Does not accept erotica

18. Book Pinning
Does not accept erotica or horror

19. Every Writer
This is for self published authors

20. Choosy Bookworm
Requires books to be on a promo price or free
No guarantee for submission

Other options:
1. Author profile on Bookbub
2. Goodreads as an author
3. Reddit- there are threads for ebook authors
4. Facebook fan pages
5. Twitter self promotion

Don't forget we accept all heat levels of romance and erotica for our newsletter and Facebook page! There are no minimum review requirements and we also accept full-priced books. Submitting doesn't guarantee a feature but if your book is free, it has a higher chance of being featured. Find out more here. 

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