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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Body Image by Madeline Parr

I want her innocence. She wants my heart.


Body Heat. The sensual playground of the rich and famous, and I’m the head of security. Not bad for a guy from the wrong side of the trailer park. Not that anyone in the room would guess. In my business, image is everything, and I’ve spent years carefully crafting mine. 

I see her across the room and my heart starts thumping double time. Caroline. The blonde firecracker I spent years protecting. The beauty who was always off limits is finally within reach. She’s the kind of girl who could make a man forget his squeaky-clean reputation. 

I try to be good, but she makes me want to be so very bad. 


Bayne watched over me for years, chasing away every suitor with a flash of his Secret Service credentials. I was crazy about him, but he never noticed. 

I’m finally free of my security detail, and Bayne’s indifference, and I plan on indulging. I walk into Body Heat determined to feel a man’s touch for the first time. 

I never imagined he’d be there, waiting. 

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