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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Double Bang by Cassandra Dee

Stacey’s got the world at her beck and call … but there’s only two men she wants.


I’m on TV every Monday night, reporting from the sidelines of the latest football game. 

Cute? Check. 

Blonde? Check. 

Bubbly? Check. 

Addicted to two men with helmets and bulging you-know-whats? Check, check. 

The problem? They’re my stepbrothers. 


She used to be shy, quiet Ana. But our stepsister turned herself into Stacey Light, sportscaster extraordinaire. 

Curvy? Check. 

Mesmerizing? Check. 

Tasty and delectable? Check, check. 

The problem? 

She’s off-limits … but it’s not going to stop us. 

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