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Monday, 18 July 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Hearthrob Fantasy by Jocelyn Bringas

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Viola Pyle was fresh out of college working at her dream job when Nixon Raines, the heartthrob from bestselling boy band Verified Paradise, got her fired. She didn’t think she would ever see Nixon again until a chance meeting reunited them. 

For Nixon, Viola was just another woman he’d use for his own pleasure. She was convenient and always ready for him whenever he wanted her. 

Viola knows it’s wrong to be used but she can’t resist Nixon and his delicious body whenever he comes to her bed. 

The nature of their arrangement changes after Nixon gets into a car accident. He suffers a brain injury that causes him to have amnesia. He then transforms into the kind gentleman she always fantasized about. 

Is Viola's heartthrob fantasy permanent or will Nixon slip back to his old habits?


Chapter One

Viola, you’re the only woman I want in my life. You mean the world to me. I love you so much. Will you marry me?”
“Yes, I will.”
Viola Pyle’s eyes glistened with tears as she watched Nixon Raines slip a three carat diamond ring on her finger. He then took her hand and placed a gentle kiss on it. Their eyes met and she melted under his radiant gaze. He had the most beautiful blue eyes she has ever seen.
“I love you Nixon.”
Her arms wrapped around him tightly. His broad chest pressed firmly against her cheek. His soap and water scent surrounded her. He always smelled good.
* * * *
Viola was shaken out of her romantic heartthrob fantasy when the front door to her apartment slammed shut. The only other person who had a key to her apartment was Nixon Raines, the blond heartthrob from boy band Verified Paradise. Seconds later he strode into her bedroom.
“Fuck!” Nixon cursed when he tripped on one of her shoes and lost his balance.
Viola cringed. “Sorry.”
Nixon ignored her apology. He flopped down onto the bed with her. Her nose scrunched when the odor of alcohol floated into her nose. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch. His slight arousal was apparent through his designer jeans.
Their eyes met and a chill went down her spine when he gave her a cold glare.
“What’s wrong Nixon?”
He didn’t answer her question. She saw him lick his lips and then turn on his side. His cold fingers crept underneath her loose night shirt, slightly tickling her. He never told her what he was thinking. She shouldn’t have bothered asking.
Viola’s breath caught in her throat when his lips latched onto her neck. As he licked and nipped her skin, her hands clutched his blond head. He had recently gotten a haircut so his hair felt prickly against her fingers.
Changing his position, he shifted so that he hovered over her. His lean body pressed onto hers as he sloppily kissed the slope of her neck. He paid the most attention to her neck out of all the areas on her body.
After he got his fix of kissing her neck he turned his attention to taking off his pants. His fingers drunkenly fumbled with the button and zipper of his jeans. Once his pants were gone, he helped pull off hers and tossed them to the floor.
His left hand gripped his cock and he began to stroke himself fast. Viola reached out to help him but he swatted her hand away. When he was fully hard, he pushed her thighs apart. Her core clenched onto his two fingers as they went inside her.
She saw the look of annoyance on his face when he noticed she wasn’t wet for him. Twisting in discomfort, she clawed the bed sheets as he pumped his fingers into her. Pleasure soon gave way as her body reacted from his stimulation. Her juices flowed and her wetness coated his fingers.
When she was ready, Nixon lifted her legs up and let her feet rest on his broad shoulders. In one solid movement his thick cock slid inside her. As he developed his rhythm, she admired his face. He never seemed to lose his looks. As he got older, his looks improved.
At age fourteen he had joined a five member boy band named Verified Paradise. By the time he was seventeen Verified Paradise had sold millions of albums and sold out concerts in arenas around the world.
Although his fame had simmered down at age twenty-six he had a loyal female fan base. His teen girl adorers had blossomed into grown women who still lusted and fantasized about him.
The headboard created a beat against her bedroom’s wall which added to the sounds of their skin colliding with each thrust he made. His cock massaged the sensitive nerves in her core. The tension between her thighs escalated and eventually gave way. He threw his head back when her slick walls repeatedly clamped down on him.
A litany of curses escaped his lips. Her orgasm had triggered his. He picked up his pace and slammed harder. Beads of sweat dripped from his body and landed onto her heated skin. His cum spilled into her and mixed with her juices.
Viola momentarily lost her ability to breathe when his spent body collapsed on to her. His body was drenched in sweat. She wrapped her arms around him, her palms resting on his back. His muscles flexed beneath her touch.
Their post-coital connection was brief. After rolling off her, he looked at the ceiling and then spoke.
“Get on top of me.”
Obeying his command, she went to sit on his stomach. A triumphant smirk tugged the corner of his mouth as he traced a circle on the left side of her neck. Viola assumed he was touching the hickey he created. She would have to remember to take a look in the mirror later.
“Ow!” Viola flinched when her butt suddenly hit the bed as Nixon pushed her off him. He stood up and put back on his jeans. Then he quickly looked into her mirror to check his hair.
“See you later baby.” He was already out of her apartment before she could even say a word back to him.
Walking to her window, she peeked past the blinds just in time to see his sleek BMW zoom away into the street.
“Bye Nixon,” she whispered before returning to her bed and cuddling against her fluffy pillow.
Sure she felt used. She always felt used. But she thought being used was better than nothing at all.
* * * *
Viola’s eyes were glued to the images on her computer screen. She had been staring at them for a few minutes. She tried to resist looking up news on Nixon but she couldn’t fight the temptation.
Multiple celebrity gossip sites had published new paparazzi pictures of Nixon from the night before attending the opening of a new night club named Shag. He looked fresh. The smile transfixed on his face was warm and friendly. A happy glow surrounded him. He was wearing a trendy graphic t-shirt she hadn’t seen him wear before.
A statuesque woman who looked like she belonged on a fashion runway was cuddled close to Nixon. She had clear skin with no apparent pores. Her body was toned. No ounce of fat was in sight. The red dress she wore looked like it came off the rack of an expensive fashion boutique. She was the kind of girl for him.
Deciding she was torturing herself too long, Viola closed the browser window. The words of the article floated through her mind.
Nixon James Raines of boy band Verified Paradise has finally found the love of his life…
Viola needed a distraction. She went to bed, held her pillow close, and lost herself in a fantasy.
* * * *
“I can’t get enough of you Viola.”
Nixon leaned in and kissed her lips. He always kissed her with tenderness and love. Her body tingled from his kisses. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her baby bump onto his stomach.
“You can really knock a guy out with that!” Nixon joked. He reached between them and rubbed her pregnant belly.
Viola was seven months pregnant with their first child. Nixon kept insisting their baby would be a boy but she held her ground. She knew in her heart the baby inside her was a girl.
“I can’t wait to have this baby. I know she’ll be beautiful.”
Nixon was quick to correct her. “She? You mean he.”
“Nixon. Nixon. Nixon.”
“Viola. Viola. Viola.”
Nixon was just too cute to argue with. She pinched his cheek and then snuggled against his broad chest. She could hear his heartbeat. Love was something she never thought she would find. Having him in her life made her the happiest woman on earth.
“Viola, what do you think about the name Nixon James Raines Jr.?”
“I actually don’t think about that.”
Viola yelped when Nixon playfully slapped her butt.
“How can I convince you we’re having a boy? Maybe if I do this…”
Nixon’s hand slipped between her legs. Her sensitive core throbbed from his touch. Viola bit her lip and tried to keep her cool.
“What about this?” Nixon’s other hand pushed up her shirt and exposed her swollen breasts.
His mouth eagerly latched onto her nipple. She gulped and tried to ignore the fire that was starting to burn within her. He kept his movements going for a few minutes and her body began to succumb to the stimulation. She could feel her panties get damp.
Right when her orgasm was about to hit her, Nixon pulled away. Viola groaned in frustration. She pouted when she looked into his twinkling blue eyes.
“Fine you win. Now make love to me,” she demanded and urged him to yank off his pants.
* * * *
Violas body jumped in shock at the sound of her name. She got out of her bed and walked to her front door. Through the peephole she saw Nixon standing on her doorstep looking agitated. She unlocked the door and opened it.
“Fuck! I’ve been knocking forever!” Nixon huffed as he stomped into her apartment.
“But you have a key?”
“I freaking lost it.”
“I thought you weren’t coming tonight.”
Viola thought Nixon would have rather been with his new girlfriend. After she shut the door, he reached out and pulled her short body against him and began kissing her neck.
“I saw the picture online of you and your new girlfriend.” Nixon ignored her words and continued to glide his lips across her neck.
“Who is she?” Again there was no response as his tongue poked out and licked her skin.
Viola wondered if Nixon needed a hearing aid. He didn’t hear most of what she said to him. The frustration over his indifference caught up to her. Tears pricked her eyes. She fought back their release but a few slipped out. Why was she in love with an asshole? When a tear dropped down onto his cheek, his blue eyes looked down at her.
She sniffled. “Do you love her?”
No emotion passed through Nixons face. She hated that he was so hard to read.
“I need to know if you love her because I love you,” she whispered, her lips quivering.
Nixon sighed and released her from his arms. She felt foolish for admitting her love for him. He turned around and headed toward the door.
Nixon!” She ran after him and tugged on his leather jacket.
“Please dont go,” she pleaded.
Viola flung herself onto Nixon and held on to him tight. He stood still for a moment before wrapping his arms around her. His hands traveled down her body and stopped when they reached her butt. His fingers dug into her behind, pushing her closer to him.
He buried his face into the crook of her neck and he kissed her sensitive skin. She let herself absorb the reality he was there with her. She had to enjoy it before she would be alone and have to lose herself in her fantasies of him.

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