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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Letting Him In by Izzy Sweet

His money can buy him anything he wants--and he wants me.

I'm nothing.
A no one.
Just a desperate girl with two teenage mouths to feed.
Hitting rock bottom, I found myself in a sleazy strip club, about to strip my clothes off for rent money.

But Colt Jackson saved me.

He's rich and famous.
Athletic and handsome.
A former college football player, he's now a star sports agent--raking in some serious money.
All the guys want to be like him. All the girls want to be with him.

So what the hell does he want with me?

His touches are breaking down my defenses. His kisses are melting my resistance.

I've had to be strong for so long...

With him can I finally be weak?

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