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Friday, 15 July 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c To Love or Kill by Ben Roberts

Sahara Zemealor is a Moroccan beauty who leads a dangerous life. She is a contract assassin, bound by the secret organization – The Order of the Noble Arcana. From her years as a teenager, she has been carrying out assassinations without asking questions, following the Code of The Order. 

Her entire life’s experience would serve the point of culmination when a contract is put upon the head of Zachary Vasda Cheverez. For Sahara, this is the opportunity to seek revenge on Zachary, whose father had callously killed her parents when she was a mere child. 

Sahara forsakes everything, willing to be punished severely by The Order, should she fail the mission. Given seven days to assassinate Zachary, she finds herself traveling to the beautiful cities of Prague, Seoul, Tokyo, and a mysterious Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

As Sahara delves into a point of obsession to kill Zachary, she finds herself succumbing to the unexpected; falling in love with the very man she is meant to assassinate! 

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