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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Wild Rider by Lydia Pax

Beretta drives me insane for all the wrong reasons.  
It's not just how his jaw-dropping warrior's body makes me ache so right. 
He's an apex alpha in a world of testerone-fueled badasses, and he makes me feel safe when I know I'm not. 
Safety with a badass outlaw like him is like strapping yourself to a mast in a hurricane, but that doesn't stop me from holding on for dear life. 
We can't ever be together; there's too much pain in our history. 
Even so, I'll be damned if my body doesn't light on fire when he's near. 
Maybe, even if he's a killer and an outlaw...he's just who I need. 
My outlaw brothers and I were born bad. We fight, we ride, we steal, and we kill.  
There's nothing else I know. Then I met Helen. 
Those hips that make my body quake. Those soul-stealing kisses. 
I need to have her as much as I need the next beat of my heart. 
But, danger surrounds me. 
The only way I can protect her is to make her my old lady.She doesn't understand. 
I don't give a damn. 
I'll make her mine whether she likes it or not.


She froze. The way the lot was arranged, she had come across him almost suddenly, leaving only ten feet of clearance between him and her. The second she decided she would run—that’s when he snatched her.
Nobody moves that quick, she thought, stunned at how he had turned and closed the distance in such a short time. One second he hadn't even been looking at her—and the next, his hands were on her. 
She looked up into his eyes. Time felt like it stood still. They were dark, swirling pools of emotion—not quite rage, not quite lust, not quite concern, not quite anything except for unique. For some time—maybe five seconds, though it felt like five hours—her body responded only to those eyes. A sensual, furious heat filled her, and her breath caught.
It was Beretta.
That man? That dream of a biker who had swept her off her feet, who'd been everything she'd wanted, who'd made her nights hotter than the sun and had made every last breath feel like she was breathing into him, who had spun her mind into a web of ecstasy so dense that she never thought she'd leave?
He stood in front of her now, bloody, holding her, looking down at Helen with confusion and recognition both. 
Then, the stark, horrific reality caught up with her senses. This man had a hold of her, and he wasn't letting go. He was armed. He was huge. And no matter how handsome he was, he was covered in blood—and probably not from some benign accident either. 
“Helen?” He smirked. “I forgot you were a nurse.”
Hearing his voice did all kinds of things to her body, none of them particularly complimentary given the danger he presented. Her heart raced faster, stomach 

Author Bio

Lydia Pax loves to write stories featuring hot alpha badasses falling in love with strong, smart women in the midst of a ton of excitement, turmoil, and intrigue. Life is strange, beautiful, and wonderful, but sometimes it can be a little too boring. Her stories spice the day up with enough heat to need a cold drink nearby as you read and always close with a HEA. 

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