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Monday, 18 July 2016

Book Spotlight: Hypnollection 3 by Will B. Gunn

Leap Day Bimbos: 
On leap day, there are no rules. 
Whether you're a studious college coed, or an esteemed (and busty) doctor at a prestigious hospital. On leap day, you can let go of your inhibitions and become the brainless, obedient bimbo slut you never knew you wanted to be. 

At least until you saw that funny, but oh so convincing online video. 
Just ask nineteen year old Riley and Dr. Pamela Naughton. If their lips and tongues aren't too busy slurping and licking, they might provide a barely legible, dimwitted response. The only one their silly little bimbo minds can muster. 

A Merry Half Naked Christmas: 
A naughty tradition in Lucy's city ensures everyone ends up having a merry, warm, and satisfying Christmas. Women are required to walk around the snowy streets with their bottom half exposed, encouraging them to seek the tender warmth of the city's kind gentlemen. 

Ever since coach Marx took over the women's volleyball team, the players developed a somewhat ditzy, bubbly attitude. Most of the students and teachers seem to enjoy the transformation, and so they don't ask too many questions. 

Kayla's best friend, Megan, joined the volleyball team at the beginning of their freshman year. When Kayla noticed a change in her friend's behavior, not to mention a significant increase to her bust size, she decided to investigate. 

Reprogrammed – Function Override: 
Emma always thought that every person had their function in the world. Their own role to play. 
She just never realized how easy it was to reprogram someone, and give them a brand new function. Thanks to Vivian's rash actions, Emma was about to find out. She will become a brand new person, with brand new goals. Goals that perfectly fit the strict specifications of her new masters. 
This is the story of a gorgeous genius and her journey towards a brand new life of submission and servitude. 

The Funtouchables: 
Officer Dana and state prosecutor Jayne will not be swayed by bribes or extortion. They have nothing in their past that could be considered dirty, anyway. They are the picture of honesty, integrity, and vigilance. They're not even trying to hide the personal, intimate nature of their relationship. 

They are untouchable to almost anyone, except for Mr Patrick Hadley, a wealthy inventor and industrialist. He has his own way of dealing with meddling cops and lawyers, one that will introduce Dana and Jayne to a world of pure bliss. 

All they have to do is abandon their moral code and vigilant pursuit of justice, and devote themselves to submission and blind obedience. Thanks to Mr. Hadley's device, letting go of all those unimportant things is as simple as breathing.

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