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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Book Spotlight: Prison Blade: The Abduction of Abigail Averies by Niki Herbert McQuilling

As a deputy for the Sheldon Parish sheriff’s office, Abigail Averies transports prisoners throughout nothing compares to the pain and torture she once experienced as the wife of Erik Benton. Although she somehow managed to escape his abuse two years ago, Abigail still peers around every corner and through every shadow, expecting him to grab her and force her back into his hell. 

Now immersed in a new life in Noir Belle, Louisiana, Abigail suspects nothing when she is told she has another prisoner to transport. But when she realizes the prisoner is her husband pretending to be an inmate, Abigail is propelled back into a nightmare where she must live at the mercy of an evil man. Abigail fights endless days of mental, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of her abductor until her saving grace arrives. Now only one question remains: Is her captor really who she thinks he is? 

In this erotic thriller, a sheriff deputy embarks on a courageous journey to survive after a deranged prisoner abducts her.

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