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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Book Spotlight: Pygmalion and Galatea by Stefan A

How does one choose between two gods and their gifts? How does one choose between two sides of the same heart? This is the struggle of Pygmalion, a young sculptor, who finds himself drawn into the marital dispute of two very powerful gods. But he is not the only one in a dilemma. Galatea, a wondering soul summoned by the beautiful Aphrodite, develops strong feelings for Pygmalion. However, for their love to be fulfilled a terrible sacrifice is asked of her beloved, one that she doesn’t want him to pay. Can there be happiness for the two or will the conflict between Hephaestus and Aphrodite consume them? 

This is a romantic novella based on the popular Greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. 


The goddess seemed to pick on his distress and for a second, he thought he caught a glimpse of frustration in her eyes. However, she just nodded gravely. “You are wise for one so young. Giving the thing you love most for a woman you do not even know seems unreasonable, even to the goddess of love. Forget I have said anything Pygmalion and return to your home. We shall not see each other again.”
She lifted herself on her toes, her luscious lips brushing his in a soft kiss. “Pity!” she whispered as she turned away to leave, but Pygmalion grabbed her hand at the last second, stopping her. 
“Goddess!” he muttered, half terrified by his own boldness. “You ask a hefty price! Please allow me some time to think.”
Aphrodite looked at him thoughtfully. “I will do something even better for you; I will give you a taste of my powers.” She freed her hand with a mischievous smile painted on her face, and he instinctively shivered.  “Look forward to it, Pygmalion,” she said regally and then left

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