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Friday, 22 July 2016

Featured FREE Book: The Alpha Billionaire's Revenge by Deana Farraday

***The SIZZLING-HOT romance serial with an over-the-top alpha hero, now in a 2-volume boxed set*** 

Chicago billionaire Jonas Westerling has one obsession: hunt down the woman who made his brother's life hell and then take his revenge the slow and pleasurable way. 

Linnea Melbourne has no idea she's being virtually hunted...until she's kidnapped from her campus job and learns she must do everything the devastating tech mogul commands for as long as he wants her.

Now Linnea's paying for somebody else's sins with her body, becoming the plaything he demands, because if she doesn't, somebody else will pay - somebody she must protect at all costs. 

Yet behind his cold rage, behind her shocked sorrow, there's something else simmering - a red-hot, decade-long passion that might never burn out, no matter what disturbing secrets come to light... 

The Alpha Billionaire's Revenge is a love story, a tale of dominance and a story of redemption. It is extremely spicy and not intended for readers under age 18. 

The complete Alpha Billionaire's Revenge story includes 2 volumes which contain all 9 books in the serial. 

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