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Friday, 29 July 2016

Featured FREE Book: Bigger the Secrets: Greater the Passion by Laura Jane Hermanson

Laura Jane Hermanson’s “Bigger the Secrets” is such a tale of unbelievable love & loyalty plus secrets of narcissism that it spent over 400 hours on Amazon Kindle Scout’s Hot & Trending between May 11 & June 10, 2016. There are several reasons why:

1. The novel’s setting is beautiful San Diego’s beaches, Gaslamp District, SDSU, local military and more. A San Diego girl falls hard for a tall handsome and ridiculously rich business man. Ironically, murder binds them together. Journey with them as they explore deep secrets, great passion, thrills & suspense.

2. Although the novel is about a lead character from San Diego, early within the plot, the novel favorably casts a young intelligent rich black athlete who was racially profiled & murdered. His untimely & senseless death triggers every event of suspense & thrills, while at the same time, it inspires all contemporary romantic events which follows. Most insights of police brutality actually comes from a black man from MS. who has worked in law enforcement & who knows firsthand the racial tensions which are forever churning underneath the surface. Fact is, although my source has a BS in Criminal Justice, he has been racially profiled several times himself personally as well.

3. “Bigger the Secrets” is steeped in a heavy dose of good old fashion diversity. There’s a mother-in-law who hails from Northern China & a father-in-law who is a native son of France. Thus, the novel positively features such stories about the Great Wall, China’s fascinating silk & amazing places & food, etc., plus French business and fashion success too.

4. The novel was deliberately written with an extra heavy dose of suspense, this is a provocative contemporary romance novel which is designed to entertain an open-minded and forward thinking audience just like all other books on the market within its genre.  However, unlike all the other books out there, “Bigger the Secrets” is designed to attract and hold the attention of both women and men alike.

5. It was written with the concept in mind that this will be a literary work for women to share with men and not have the poor guys feel like jamming their fingers into their ears so deeply that the fingers on their right hand reach all the way through and makes contact with the fingers on their left hand, (LOL).  All kidding aside, I made this a guy friendly book while being especially careful not to alienate the extremely important ladies audience because after all, ladies are the bread & butter. As such, I loaded this novel with the following assortment of hot topics: sexology and voyeurism, desires of a super model and rich men, drama and unthinkable mysteries.

  If you listen closely to the tea leaves within your soul, you should be able to hear your subconscious voice telling you that, if anything at all, this novel feels somewhat like a cross between the classical works of the following genres: First of all, Louis L’Amour, because he inspired me to write fiction that is full of action and adventure. Secondly, E.L. James, because she inspired me to be bold, open, and honest enough to include contemporary sexual content within my writings, & yet, I purposely steered clear of the Fifty Shades of Grey formula. Third, Stephen King, because he inspired me to think, what-if? Therefore, during and after your reading of “Bigger the Secrets” you will find the novel to be filled with action, adventure, boldness, openness, honesty, what-ifs, and--oh of course--great romance too.For mature audiences only. 

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