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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Featured FREE Book: Granny McGee Gets in the Groove by Kerry Killeen

Ginny McGee had reached 60. Her reaction to this milestone was “is that it?” She had done the right thing all her life. She had the requisite 2 children and 5 grandchildren. They lived far away now, but they emailed and Skyped her often. She had lost her husband 2 years ago (careless of her, I know, but he was older). To be honest, she didn’t really miss him. The spark had gone a long time ago. She didn’t think there had been affairs, there certainly hadn’t been on her side, but they had drifted apart. They lived comfortable, amicable, boring lives. Sex had continued in a perfunctory way, until about 5 years ago when it stopped altogether. She didn’t really miss it. Sex with Brian had been routine and unimaginative even when they were younger. Was she now ready to settle into a life of tennis and bridge and emptiness? There didn’t seem much alternative. 
Ginny’s best friend Kelly could see the signs. She bought the two of them a week at a resort in Hawaii, and insisted that they go off for a girl’s escape. Swimming, sunbathing, pampering, cocktails, wine, what could be better? Ginny was touched. After the ritual protestations that Kelly shouldn’t have spent so much, she accepted gratefully. The excitement was rising as the departure date approached. Until two days before when Kelly came down with chicken pox. 
“Go!” insisted Kelly. “It won’t be the same, but you can still have a good time by yourself. But you have to tell me all about it, so I can feel part of it too.” 
Ginny goes, and begins to relax. Then she finds a man ogling her at the pool! First she is shocked, then embarrassed, then intrigued. With Kelly egging her on, she decides to find out what would happen if she gave him some encouragement. She discovers a passion that she had never felt before. And she tells Kelly about it in great detail. 

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