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Monday, 18 July 2016

Featured FREE Book: Lethal Love by Saijah St. James

Episode 1: Someone's Watching 

In the heart of Chi-town, Jasmine Gaines, a young and aspiring banker, meets the attractive and mysteriously charming Derrion Lloyd in the depths of a smoky nightclub. Under his strong hand, her passions are ignited as she’s pulled deeper and deeper into his world of luxury and excess. Meanwhile, as night envelops the City, Nefertari Jones, an aggressive and money-minded Black businesswoman, has an unstoppable and ravenous greed that leads her to sell women to high-end clientele. As she continuously makes deals with a lunatic who seeks to quench his thirst of exotic ethnic women, Nefertari begins to feel a ghostly presence that drives her to the deep depths of extreme paranoia and distrust. This unseen menace threatens to unravel loyalties, tear apart hearts, ruin lives and turn everyone's dreams to dust.

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