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Friday, 1 July 2016

Featured FREE Book: The McShannon Series by Veronica Maxim

The McShannons Series follows 3 brothers trying to recover from their father’s dark legacy. Can Patrick, Shane and Colin find solace and new love among the ruins? 
Travel to Boston to find out… Veronica Maxim’s popular billionaire series is now in one exclusive boxset! Plus there’s a free BONUS romance inside! 

I'm one of Boston’s best prosecutors and it's about time I put Braden McShannon away. With his son's testimony tomorrow that's exactly what I expect will happen. What I'm not expecting is the stranger I met in the garden last night. He was everything I've ever wanted. But why did he disappear so suddenly? 

Sure, I knew exactly what I was doing in that garden and I've always known I wanted her… When I agreed to testify against my father I knew that this would be a chance for me to finally get one night with her. I wonder what she'll think whens he finds out what I have in mind? 

I’ve heard the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” more times than I can count. But in his absence, I tried to move on. I’ve come to terms with my secrets. I've come to terms with my past. But coming face to face with Colin McShannon and those piercing blue eyes…it all came tumbling back…Is he sorry that he let me go? Would he still be if he knew my secret? 

Camilla was the only girl I ever loved. When we were sixteen, our breakup shattered my world. I was so bitter I couldn't show her I cared. I threw myself into the only world I knew, one dominated by the sins of my father. My life was filled with money, crime and more women than I could count. I had no attachments, no responsibilities…and sadly, no future. When I see her tonight I'll make sure she knows I'm still hers - body and soul. 

The last thing my son and I needed were distractions. Patrick McShannon seems like everything a woman could ever want. He’s gorgeous and kind and rich…and my son adores him. But even with all of that going for him he has one thing going against him that I can’t ignore…he’s a man, and in my world, men mean trouble. As much as I want him I what if my ex finds out? 

I’m the oldest son of Braden McShannon, Boston’s most notorious crime boss. My father’s business has done its best to tear my family apart. I’ve had to be the strong one. I’ve had to be the one that held us all together. Now my father’s in jail and my brothers have met the women they want to spend their lives with and it’s finally my turn. When I met Kiara I knew almost instantly that she was the woman I’d been waiting for. But the past keeps on catching up - for both of us. 

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