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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Today's Free and Bargain Books

We used to call ourselves The Three Musketeers.

I know it's cliché, but we were only kids. 

They usually took turns being in charge, which was fine with me. I was just happy to go along with them. 

After all, I thought I was the luckiest little girl in the whole world. Most of my classmates only had one best friend, but I had two: my best friend Izzy and her twin brother. 

Back then, I hoped things would never change, but that's the problem with more. Once I saw a glimpse of it, it was impossible to stop wanting it. 

Especially when it came to Shane.


It should have been a match made in heaven.

Jessa Atkins is a nurse capable of fixing everyone but herself. Sam Levesque, powerful mogul and the Alpha’s second, has scars he works hard to keep hidden. Sam can’t ignore the fated connection he feels with Jessa, but she’s stubborn as a mule and plays a mean game of keep away. 

There’s no denying he’s blisteringly sexy, or that he wants to sink his fangs into her lush curves. Jessa has one, giant problem. She’s a cursed shifter, and can’t make heads or tails of the instincts telling her to mark him as hers. 

Her game of avoidance is going peachy keen until the warlock that cursed Jessa comes looking for her. Cenek Cipris, warlock extraordinaire, offers to help track down the hunters threatening Jessa and the pride. But his appearance promises to disturb the delicate balance in Jessa’s life and make Sam question his desire to claim her as his mate. 

Caught between the man her furry side says to love and the man who put that side there in the first place, can Jessa find peace with her inner animal and survive the blasted hunter attacks?


To Captain James, duty means everything. He’s worked hard to ensure the safety of the people of Thornewall and now the border reiver threat is gone and the recovery from the plague is well underway, he finds himself questioning his life. 

The arrival of the vibrant Ellise only confuses him further. When he catches Ellise thieving, instead of wanting to let the law deal with her, he finds he longs to take a more personal approach… a much more personal approach.

Having lived on the edge of society for many years, Ellise is used to scraping for a living and she knows moments of happiness are few and far between. So she leaps at the chance to spend one sensual night with the handsome captain. Just one night and then she’ll be gone.

To her astonishment, fate throws her back into James’ sights when she accepts a job at Thornewall to look after the pregnant lady. Although the attraction still burns between them, she cannot give into it. One night has to be enough as she has far too many secrets. Should the honourable captain ever discover them, it would be more than her heart that would be at risk. Her life could well be at stake too…


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