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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Today's Free Books

She's hell-bent on revenge. He has the power to destroy all her plans.

Kim Johnson is on a mission to destroy the man who murdered her parents. When the killer discovers she's investigating him, Kim flees to a small cabin in north Idaho's woods. What she doesn't anticipate is the local sheriff, her hot new neighbor Zach Sullivan, showing up at her cabin in response to a 911 call. Already distrustful of cops, Kim feeds Zach lie after lie, refusing to tell him her real name or what she's up to--or why there's a dead man lying on her back porch. But Zach is determined to get the truth out of her.

Kim does her best to keep Zach at a distance, but she soon discovers there's one thing she can't lie about: her unexpected attraction to him. And when she finds herself falling for the one man who could ruin all her plans, she must decide what is more important: seeking revenge or protecting the people she loves.

~Four beautiful and fun-loving college coeds embarking on their first year at USC, each wants to experience everything college life has to offer.~ 

One of them is a naughty girl and she tries to corrupt them all. She challenges her new roommates, who can be the naughtiest girl over thirty days, they have exactly one month.

Clarissa is the first one to try and meet the challenge by surrendering to a forbidden tryst with the hot Professor Montgomery. But the Professor doesn't like the attention she's getting from the billionaire frat boy Jason Bancroft, heir to the Bancroft Publishing fortune. Clarissa knows she wants to enjoy all college has to offer, but will her heart get in way?

Deena aspires to become a USC Song Girl and enjoys a variety of men and makes no apologies for it. Many a frat boy is ready and willing to satisfy her insatiable appetite. Will her fantasy of becoming a USC Song Girl become a reality?

Kara seems all sweet girl on the outside, but to everyone's surprise she succumbs to the USC motorcycle riding bad boy who lives upstairs in Apartment 72. Jake Morris actually has a heart that Kara might just break.

Lexi is hung up on her ex who cheated on her, so what does she owe him, absolutely nothing. She needs to let her hair down and get out there and be single and ready to mingle. Will her roommates convince her to come out of her shell and party like the rest of them?

Lisa has persuaded her husband, David, that cuckolding is the best way forward after their recent sexual adventures. The first encounter with one man works out reasonably well, but Lisa quickly jumps to the idea of a gang bang for her next encounter. David is a bit horrified but has to agree. So Lisa enjoys being taken by six men at the same time.

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