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Monday, 8 August 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Fionn's Hart by Kelly Lee Casey

Melody, or Mel, as everyone calls her, is a student at St. Patrick’s University. She has great friends, a steady boyfriend, and a rewarding job on campus. 
Her life looks quite put-together from the outside, and that’s exactly how she wants it. Having a less than ideal childhood, with very little recollection of her life before she was adopted at the age of six; Mel is now a driven, confident college senior. After losing the people closest to her, due to a mix of circumstance and vice, she now has everything back on track, with a bright future ahead. 
There’s just one problem…him. 
He’s a fellow co-ed at St. Pat’s and a womanizing party boy extraordinaire. With the wheel of fate forever spinning its ironic games, he also happens to be her blue-eyed, charismatic, hotter than hell neighbor. Storming through his front door one night, interrupting the out of control riot he calls a ‘get-together’, Melody orders him to take the noise down to a respectable level. With a flash of his enigmatic, sexy smile, he laughs off her demands, suggesting she 'get a life’ and maybe a vibrator too.
He was not a man Melody went looking for, but she found him anyway. From the moment they went toe to toe in the middle of his crowded living room, she knew he threatened to turn her carefully guarded world upside down, at a time when she so desperately needed stability and peace. If only she had known just how right her instincts were.

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