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Monday, 15 August 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Soldier's Bride by Bella Rayne

Can two imperfect strangers create the perfect love together?


I’m convinced I’m going to die alone. My parents passed away a long time ago. And the man I was supposed to spend my life with left me and somehow got custody of all of our mutual friends. I would describe myself as the lonely cat lady but sadly I don’t even have a cat. I just keep my nose buried in the antique books at my job and hope no one notices me. So far my plan is working out nicely.

Until one of my customers proposes something that could change everything…

She’s looking to find a suitable wife for her wealthy friend, a retired war veteran named Robert. This is my one chance to finally have the marriage and the family I’ve always craved. But I absolutely can’t go through with this! It seems too good to be true.

Why would a powerful, mysterious billionaire want to marry an awkward girl like me?


I’m a strong man and nothing has ever been able to break me. But ever since my medical discharge from the Army I’ve been broken in every sense of the word. As a decorated officer I’m used to being in power but despite my status and my wealth my life is spiraling out of control. After all I’ve been through I know I’ll never be whole again.

Until the day I meet her…

I had no idea what I was missing but Theresa is just what I need. I’ve never been afraid of anything but I’m desperately afraid of messing this up. It’s an arranged marriage so it should be foolproof…right?

But is she really sweet enough to accept a damaged and bitter man like me?

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