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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Book Spotlight: The Boy Next Door by Hazel Kelly

He was the one that got away, and I knew it before I ever broke things off with him.

I didn’t want to end it, but at the time I believed it was the right thing to do… Because of who he was, who he wanted to become, and because of where I came from. 

I loved him more than I loved anything, but I thought he could do better. 

Even then I knew I’d never be able to replicate the happiness I found with him. 

I tried, of course, but based on my experience, I’ve come to believe there really is one right person for everyone. 

And not only did I let my soulmate get away, I pushed him as far as he would go.

As a result, I was convinced I deserved every second of loneliness the universe handed me.

After all, I’d shunned the greatest gift it could offer anyone: True Love. 

But luckily for me, it turns out the universe is just as stubborn as I am. 

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