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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Book Spotlight: Hideaway Cove: Resort 2 (Surrender Isle Series) by Havana Scott

"Sleep with the enemy, and your mission becomes impossible."

Cross a sexy party-boy proprietor of an upscale Caribbean resort with a marine environmentalist there to shut down his dolphin attraction, and you get...trouble in paradise!

Handsome, wealthy resort mogul, Simon Coffe, always gets everything he wants, women included. A spoiled brat from Day One, he hangs with the rich, graduated with the rich, and owns seven properties in the Caribbean. A devilish rascal with a dangerous smile, he's never met a woman so determined to hate him. Until he meets Jia...

Jia Whitaker, marine biologist and environmentalist for Marine Forever Organization, is sent on a mission to "Surrender Isle." Her operation? To shut down the swim-with-the-dolphin encounter at Hideaway Cove. Her biggest obstacle? The sexy devil-may-care resort owner determined to stop her and more...turn her staunch mission into the vacation of a lifetime.

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