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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Book Spotlight: How To Ask A Girl Out: All You Need To Know To Avoid Getting Rejected Again by Natalie Antonniny

What is it that makes asking a girl out so frightening? As a female with a ton of male friends, I know it can be a little intimidating. We all find the sex of our attraction alluring, scary, and crazy. But it might all be just in our heads. Whether the feelings are true, or just chemical is neither this nor that. Attraction is an attraction. "How To Ask A Girl Out" will guide you to become the man or female she wants, aiding you where and how to approach the woman of your attraction. Asking a girl oit is one thing, but keeping her wanting to stick around is another. We all hear stories out there of men and women who try to be fake and end up losing the girl they always wanted. Here I will help you be yourself, but a formalized version that makes your comfortable in your own skin and blissful with the lady of your dreams. 

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