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Friday, 5 August 2016

Book Spotlight: The Queen's Lovers by Ana M. Frith

Perla is a warrior Queen, beautiful and elegant. She is skilled at both combat and conversation, diplomacy and etiquette. One day, in search of adventure – and perhaps love – she sets out to explore the world. Soon enough she finds companionship with a handsome kind – and for a while all is well. There is, however, a shadow on the horizon. Poison is creeping into the King’s pure soul, and Perla must do something so save him – but only once she’s travelled far enough to save herself. 

Follow Perla on her erotic and exotic adventures as she travels the globe, seeking romance, healing, happiness and health. On the way she encounters dragons and false idols, tricksters and wonderful men. She endures the heights of love and the lows of loss over and over again. Will her fragile soul survive the journey, and will she emerge cleansed and healed? Will she be able to save herself, and the king she loves so dearly? Read on and find out in this fourteen-part erotic fairytale, which is bursting at the seams with love, action, romance and spirituality. 

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