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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Book Spotlight: Under My Skin by Shelly Davis

Love isn’t real and true love is nothing but a farce. 

That’s what Mia Slone believed for most of her life. Mia managed to live her life on her own terms, but that meant living without love. She never met a single man who could sweep her off her feet and make her forget her insecurities and imperfections. When she moves to Mooresville for a new teaching position, she didn’t know what to expect, especially when she’s confronted by the one man who’s been on her mind since she was a young girl. 

Jake Hanson is the guy Mia never forgot. And Jake never forgot about her. The one who walked away, she was the only woman who ever made him come to life. Now Mia’s back and she’s everywhere. Not even the fitness center he owns with his brother gives him sanctuary. Mia’s always there, exercising and wiggling her way back under his skin. 

As they grow closer, he finds himself warring with more than his personal feelings. And he discovers that persuading Mia to believe she is everything he sees in her is difficult, but opening himself for another heartache is nearly impossible. 

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